Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me Spanish classes introduce toddlers (12 – 24 months) to the Spanish language at their peak time of language learning and development! Parent and child will enjoy stories, music, games, and hands-on activities while they learn Spanish together! Our engaging, interactive classes allow young children to begin discovering the sounds and language patterns of Spanish, planting seeds for future learning.

Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth offers Mommy and Me classes in the spring and fall semesters. Each semester is 10 weeks in length. Classes are 45 minutes long. Each class is taught in Spanish, but they are designed to be fun and educational no matter your level of Spanish fluency.


Each week is a new adventure with activities like:

  • Story Time – Classic stories help introduce Spanish vocabulary.
  • Music & Movement – Favorite children’s songs in Spanish make us get up and dance!
  • Games – Hands-on games make valuable language connections.
  • Art – Art activities engage our imaginations and provide sensory stimulation.


Mommy & Me is offered for children ages 12 – 24 months.

Mommy & Me FAQs

If Mom or Dad is unavailable, can another caregiver attend with the child?

Yes, absolutely! A caregiver, grandparent, or other special adult is welcome to bring the child and enjoy the fun together with their little one.

What will we experience in class?

Our classes are an interactive experience, so you and your child will participate in singing, dancing, story time, art, and more. The class is all conducted in Spanish, but there will be plenty of visual materials, body language, and other clues used to help you follow along, regardless of your level of Spanish. Enjoy this precious bonding time with your toddler while developing language and cultural awareness together!

How do I enroll?

Simply click here. You will need to create a family profile prior to enrolling.  Add your student(s) and then click “Enroll” to choose the Mommy and Me program.