Periquito Azul: Fun Facts About Our Feathered Friend

Periquito in the School

Spanish Schoolhouse’s mascot, Periquito Azul, is a favorite with all our students! This friendly blue hyacinth macaw has been a part of the SSH family since our very early days, and it all started with a little song. One of our first teachers played a song about a little blue parrot for her class, and the students loved it so much that other teachers began using it in their classes. Before long, it became the SSH theme song!  (Click here to listen. Earworm alert!)  

Periquito Azul really came to life a few years later when we introduced the plush version!  He now visits each student at home throughout the year.  When it is their turn, that student has the chance to share at Circle Time what they did with Periquito. іQué divertido! How fun!  

Periquito is like one of our students. Thus, you’ll see him throughout the year with his backpack, discovering creative play areas in the centers, and celebrating the seasons and events of the school year. 

Periquito in the Wild

Why do we feel such a connection to the hyacinth macaw?  This beautiful bird is Latino!  It’s native to eastern and central South America, which are regions of rich, natural beauty. Hyacinth macaws can be found across Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay– making their homes in forests, swamps, grasslands, and savannas. Here’s a little more background on the real bird to share with your kids:

Hyacinth macaws are the longest and largest of all parrots. They are very playful and inquisitive, which is what we always encourage from our kids in the classroom! The parrots have extra-strong beaks which help to break open nuts and seed pods. Can you believe their beaks can even crack open coconuts?!  Despite their majestic size, these birds have a gentle, calm nature, so they’re sometimes called “gentle giants.” They appear to always have a smile on their face.  Who wouldn’t want to be friends with this cutie?

Unfortunately, loss of habitat and illegal trapping have endangered their survival. Deforestation and burning have destroyed their natural habitat, and people have started keeping them as pets– encouraging illegal trade. However, conservation efforts are underway through international protections, research, education, and protected breeding. Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth participates in conservation and education through The Hyacinth Macaw Project, an effort of the Wildlife Conservation Society Brazil. The macaw population has more than tripled in the monitored areas due to this project.  (Click here if you’d like more information.)  We sincerely hope that this magnificent bird will be around for many generations to come!

In the meantime, Periquito Azul is alive and well in our SSH Fort Worth classrooms, bringing a touch of the Latin world and a lot of fun to our school days! We will continue our education on these wonderful creatures to encourage a love and understanding of the wildlife. We can’t wait to see your child take Periquito Azul home to meet the family!