Fulfilling the Spanish Schoolhouse Mission

It’s now the end of another fulfilling school year. This means it’s time to review the last year and set goals for the next one! At Spanish Schoolhouse, we set some pretty huge goals, which are summed up in our four-part Mission Statement. Let’s take a look at what those goals are and how we plan to keep on meeting and exceeding them!

Academic Excellence

Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth prepares students for formal education by encouraging academic excellence and inspiring a lifelong love of learning. 

Making learning fun is our daily objective! Young children are naturally curious and when that curiosity is fed, learning becomes a positive experience. Our teachers strive to meet each child’s unique learning style with rewarding hands-on experiences that stimulate their curiosity further. In fact, many of our teachers recently completed training surrounding social and emotional development which inspired new and creative ways to challenge students.

Spanish Language and Culture

Our authentic Spanish programs immerse children in the Spanish language and foster an appreciation for world languages and cultures. 

In this interconnected world, being multilingual is a skill that opens doors to many opportunities and friendships. Our little ones absorb the language naturally through their daily preschool learning activities and prepare them for these opportunities. It’s such a natural process that they hardly notice that they are learning! At Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth, students are immersed not only in language but also in culture. It’s as if they are transported to a Hispanic country for several hours each day! How fun is that? Our curriculum introduces students to international traditions, songs, dance, food, art, and more, bringing the rich culture of the Latin world alive.

Positive Learning Environment

We share our unique curriculum in a warm, positive learning environment where children build confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others. 

This is the heart of Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth! You might think that language learning is what drives our school, but it’s really about love. We want children to feel warm and safe – the same way they feel when they’re with family. This focus is an integral part of the Latin culture and it helps build self-esteem and confidence. A positive learning environment creates a foundation of trust that encourages children to experiment with new activities and skills. From the moment our students (and their families!) enter our door to the time they leave at the end of the day, we immerse them in warmth and affection that makes them WANT to come to school each day!

Global Awareness

We are passionate about enlightening children’s minds and inspiring them to become global citizens. 

Our eye is on the future. The children we’re educating today are tomorrow’s leaders! Our students will help build bridges between countries and cultures. Whether our lessons inspire a love of travel and culture, or something as aspirational as creating future U.N. ambassadors– we want to give wings to the dreams of our students and their families.

Aligning our Values with Spanish Schoolhouse’s Original Vision

We Love Sharing Latin Culture!

As you can see, we have some pretty big goals! Still, we feel these lofty goals are important to promoting education and inspiring passion for different cultures in the children of Fort Worth. These goals guide us forward, focus our energy, spark new ideas, and shape our culture.