Bringing Culture to Life– Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth Shows

The lights are dimmed, the audience is packed with proud parents, and you hear those magic words, “¡Música Maestro!” As the Welcome Song begins, our students excitedly make their way up the aisles waving their hands.  The words of the song invite the audience into the experience! “Ha llegado el momento de empezar el show. Si cantamos, si bailamos, será para vos. Encontramos un amigo en cada canción.  Es hora de divertirse, que comience la función.” This means, “It’s time for the show to begin. If we sing, if we dance, it will be for you. We find a friend in every song. It’s time to have fun, let’s start the show!”

In the true Latin spirit, we invite everyone to be a participant in our bi-annual Spanish Schoolhouse shows! Tap your toes, clap your hands, and be sure to cheer for your favorite performances! When the children introduce their classes, they thrive on your “¡aplausos!” The enthusiasm of the audience helps boost our little stars’ confidence and brings out their smiles!

A Cultural Journey at Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth

Not only do students learn songs and dances for the show, but they also learn about the cultures of the regions and countries they’re representing. We love to share different festivals, rhythms, costumes, and dances with SSH families. It’s a fun way to take the audience on a tour of the Latin world! In just one night, you might experience the International Salsa Festival of Colombia, Merengue rhythms from the Dominican Republic, Mambo from Cuba, and Mariachi music from Mexico. Some lucky parents might even get to experience the Danza de Pilón, a special dance representing the corn harvest from Colombia in the Vallenato style! Each school puts its own special twist on its performance. When you watch an SSH show you’re sure to witness a high-energy performance full of passion and fun.

Building Confidence and a Broad Worldview

Though some two-year-olds might still experience a little stage fright, we love to watch how the children progress each year. With shows at Christmas and the end of the school year, they gain the confidence to eventually take on speaking roles or become presenters of the shows. Our students grow and develop in so many ways, and we’re proud that our shows help expand their horizons and encourage a broad and inclusive worldview. 

The children and staff all enjoy the opportunity to show off what they have been working on. However, student’s safety is always our top priority. Although, fun is a close second. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020-2021 shows were done at the school without an audience, and parents received a link to enjoy the show from the comfort of their homes. The educators at SSH are always dedicated to providing a complete, and well-rounded experience to students in both traditional and modified settings. 

When you enroll your child at Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth their knowledge, confidence, and early development will all flourish! The show is a great way to see the culmination of your child and our staff members’ hard work.

With that being said…

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all to our famous show, ¡Con Sabor Latino! ¡Aplausos, por favor!