Meet the Directors

Yolanda Armas

Owner/Director, Fort Worth Campus

Yolanda is from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, but has lived and studied in cities around the world. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Communication in England and an Advanced Certification in Public Relations at UCLA.

In addition to being a Spanish Schoolhouse school owner, Yolanda has over 20 years’ experience in business, specializing in marketing and advertising in multicultural markets for Fortune 500 companies.

Yolanda appreciates the many doors that bilingualism has opened for her. She’s proud of the work she’s accomplished in Spain and in the U.S. and enjoys many opportunities to explore and enjoy different cultures.

Dusty Gotcher

Owner/Director, Fort Worth Campus

Dusty grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and knows firsthand the value of being bilingual in Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications and a Master of Education in Instructional Leadership. After graduating, Dusty taught in the Los Angeles area through Teach for America for two years, then went on to teach for 13 years total in California and Texas. 

With 13 years of teaching experience at the elementary levels and as an owner/director of Spanish Schoolhouse since 2011, Dusty is clearly committed and passionate about education. He firmly believes that a high-quality early childhood education develops the foundation for a student’s success in school and later in life.

Q & A with Dusty

What do you love most about educating children?

It’s the delight and satisfaction in seeing where students are at the beginning of the year, watching their excitement in learning, and being able to witness their growth and achievement over time.

As the leader, what are your most important priorities?

My highest priority is ensuring that our school and program are structured to create opportunities for optimal growth in every area for every student, every day.

What makes Spanish Schoolhouse Fort Worth unique?

Our teachers create an atmosphere of love and the embrace of all our students, which permeates through our entire school family and makes SSH Fort Worth unique. Their deep affection, true kindness, and care for each student’s achievement show through in the extraordinary foundation they provide each day in every activity and interaction.